Ander Art Festival

6. October 2012


Not only at the Octoberfest Munich presents itself as international and hospitable, but also at the cultural festival „Ander Art“, a spectacle with art and culture at the Odeonsplatz on 06 October 2012, the city shows its multi cultural face.

From Bavarian world music up to Afro Latin Funk Fusion, Ander Art is a multi cultural mega event in Munich, which puts into focus the urban and contemporary aspects of a culturally rich society.


On the huge open air stage in front of the Feldherrnhalle musicians like Jodelfisch, Kim Azas & Positive Fusion, Sadie Walker, Rakeem, Migration of People and Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs provide with Bavarian world music, Reggae, Hip Hop Soul, Rap against racism, Afro Latin Funk Fusion and Balkan Funk-Blues the right groove.


The show is moderated by Özlem Sarikaya. Besides the musical acts, the turkish author and satirist, Ilhan Atasoy, provides the audience with laughters on West-Eastern wisdoms.


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