Astrid Gehlen, owner of the fashion label Chalet would like to get back to the roots and bring new life into old traditions. Beside dirndls and leather pants of high quality designers as Kinga Mathe and smaller labels such as P. Eisenherz, Louis & Louisa, 667, Märchenwerkstatt and Kleine Fee, you can find beautiful home feeling accessories such as necklaces, scarves, pins and bags.

To renew Bavarian textile tradition she has designed classic polos, baby vests and three classic longsleeves which she combined with the emblem of the mountains: the deer head. As white as the snow, the three longsleeves" Alpine feeling "," Chalet Style "and" Men's Blank" stand for relaxed alpine streetwear.

Schmausenbuckstraße 4
90482 Nürnberg-Mögeldorf


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