It is one of the most beautiful department stores in Munich with a unique selection of very special and partly also very rare brands, which stimulate every single of our five senses. For this reason it calls itself also “Store of the Senses”. The department store writes about itself:

Located on Marienplatz in the centre of Munich, LUDWIG BECK is a shopping Mecca for locals, visitors from neighbouring towns and tourists from all over the world, supplying everything the heart desires.

Hear, see, smell, taste, touch – with our five senses we can perceive our surroundings very precisely. The rustling of the pages of a book as they slip through our fingers. The different shades of colour in a piece of fabric. The delicate scent of a candle. The bitter taste of coffee. The softness of a snugly cashmere cardigan. In the Store of the Senses you can wander through the seven floors dedicated to fashion, beauty and lifestyle and always discover something new. Dive in and enjoy with all your senses the unique experience of shopping at LUDWIG BECK.


Exklusively for our guests Ludwig Beck offers a discount of 10% on the whole assortment. Just ask at our reception.


LUDWIG BECK, Store of the Senses

Marienplatz 11

80331 Munich, Germany

Open: Monday – Saturday 10:00–20:00


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