MissoniHome Collection

Starting with a textile company in Gallarete, Italy, 30 years ago, Ottavio and Rosita Missoni introduced their first Missoni Home Collection in 1983. Since then the distinctive Missoni stripes, zig-zag patterns and patchworks can be found on bed linens, pillows, plaids or exclusive bathroom accessories.


The opening of their new flagship store brings a little more Italian flair into the most Northern city of Italy – Munich.

Across the street from the iconic „Bar Centrale“, Missoni opens its first German flagship store presenting its home collection.


Until now the individual items were only to be found occasionally around Munich. Finally we will be able to get all the exclusive and beautiful MissoniHome Collection features which are enhancing Munich’s stylish and neat homes.


MissoniHome Collection in Ledererstrasse 10, 80331 Munich from October 2012


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