Surfing in the Eisbach

Munich is a surfer’s town. It is an awesome picture which you don’t expect to see in this city when you watch the surfers walking through Munich carrying their surfboards under their arms. But by now it belongs to Munich like the Viktualienmarkt, it is known internationally and it also made it into the "Stormriders-Guide" - the surfers’ travel bible: The standing wave in the Eisbach which is situated in the middle of the city. The standing wave gets its form due to a stone step in the water-rich and extremely fast flowing Eisbach. Because of this, a chute arises which is about half a meter high. All year round the surfers ride on this wave, often until late at night.

In 2010 the surfing in the Eisbach became officially legal. Before that there have always been a lot of discussions especially regarding the risk. Meanwhile, every surfer is responsible for his own risk. At the same time the documentary “Keep Surfing” started at the cinema, which made the Eisbach wave even more internationally famous. A lot of surfers from all over the world come to Munich only because of this wave, for example the famous surfer and musician Jack Johnson.

On that note: Keep on surfing!


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