The History of the Octoberfest

Instead of having only one Octoberfest as there is nowadays, there had been several festivals throughout the month of October in earlier days. Those celebrations served to consume the stored „Märzenbeer“ from last year for the upcoming brewer season.


Today’s well-known Octoberfest looks back on 200 years of history. The first Octoberfest started on 17 October 1810. For the wedding of crown prince Louis and princess Therese a well-known banker and Major in these days – Andreas Michael Dall’Armi - arranged a horserace on a meadow in front of Munich’s town halls on 12 October 1810. Since then, this terrain is called „Theresienwiese“ (meadow of Therese).


Due to the fact that crown prince Louis had been always interested in ancient Greece, one of his subjects suggested to stage the festival in the manner of the ancient Olympic Games. This idea had been so good that the Octoberfest was celebrated as an sportive festival in those days. Today it serves as a model for the Olympic Games. The Bavarian royal court decided to host this event during the next years again what has started the tradition of the Octoberfest.


This year the so called „Wiesn“ starts at 21st of September and ends at 06th of October 2013


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