Top It

Frozen yoghurt - a very extraordinary ice cream pleasure, due to its special production; the ingredients only freeze when you serve it and they get in contact with the ambient air. The temperature is only at about -6°C, which is notably higher than the temperature of conventional ice cream. The basis of this sort of ice cream is greek yoghurt.

You can get the frozen yoghurt only two minutes walking distance from the CORTIINA at a little shop called “Top It”. The reason why it’s called like this is because along with the fresh ice cream, which you can get in the flavors chocolate, yoghurt and berry sorbet, you can choose a huge selection of toppings. Like for example various berries, fruit purees, marshmallows, warm chocolate and nuts, but also sweet balsamico cream, pumpkin seed oil or cayenne pepper.

This way you can enjoy the summer even more – and in a really sweet way!


Top It Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream
Heiliggeiststr. 1
80331 München


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