It all started with the idea of developing a platform for young designers and their great products. A place where travelers and seekers find new and individual things and can purchase them also at a reasonable price-performance ratio. And suddenly, the concept was clear. Great, unusual and high-quality fashion labels, talented jewelry designer with courage to other materials, manufacturer of decorative and high-quality home accessories, Weissglut wants to unite them all.

And that’s what they have done. At Weissglut you can find everything what they have found about these topics or what has found them. Especially important is to give Munich something different and to offer an alternative to the major shopping chains.

Now fashion, jewelry and home accessories from well known, lesser known and yet unknown designers are united in the store. And in order to not become boring, they are always looking for something new.

Hohenzollernstraße 8
80801 Munich


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