XUITS is mass customization for men with style and expression. XUITS, is a Cosmos for modern men, a cabinet full of luxurious fabrics and selected accessories. Since the 11th of April there is also a store in Munich. The main feature of the brand is the classic TAILOR MADE - absolutely one-of-a-kind. Here every seam, every cut, every drape is absolutely right. Suits aren’t just cut, they are built, pants not only sewn, but constructed. The skilled hands of the seamstresses, the patience and attention to detail are the most important prerequisites for XUITS to meet the high demands of the prominent customers.

Style experts advise, house tailor take measurements and each and every customer is completely flattered. XUITS is a whole new world of style for modern men, who are tired of being mainstream, who are bored with the passing fashion of today. Nowhere tradition is translated into presence just so relaxed and mixes the casual beat of the cities with as much gravitas as at XUITS. Simply because the customer is mixing.

Schäfflerstraße 5a
80333 München


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