The most beautiful market in Munich is a short hop from the CORTIINA Hotel and exists since 1807. At that time it was called „Kräutlmarkt“ (“Kräutl” means herbs) and was a lot smaller. As the market grew with the years and increased in volume people started to call it Viktualienmarkt („Viktualien“ is a Latin word for grocery).

Nowadays what one can find at the Viktualienmarkt, besides several international goodies are mainly local and home-grown foods. Everything among the rich selection of comestibles is of highest quality and of course absolutely fresh.

No wonder also we do our shopping at this market. Practically speaking we buy as many groceries and ingredients as possible from the Viktualienmarkt in order to always assure to get the freshest and most valuable goods.


Open Monday – Sunday until 8 pm at the latest; exceptions are made for florist’s bakers and gastronomy.


Italy starts in Munich. Strictly speaking it starts here at the CORTIINA Hotel. To expand deeper into the Mediterranean country you only have to cross the street and step through the brown door just below the „Sale e Tabacchi“– sign. If you then hear someone shouting out loud “la porta!“ at you and you get the very best espresso in town, you know, feel and taste that you are not at the border  to Italy anymore but in its very middle. It absolutely can happen that you spontaneously start speaking Italian even though you never ever understood a single word of it before…




Our „Maxi“ - like the street is called affectionately already caused quite a stir when it was built in 1853. The reason for this is that its architectural style met with lots of criticism. However it is this exact mixture of stylistic element like the Neo-Gothic and Renaissance what makes this street unique.

Responsible for its constitution of houses is the architect Georg Friedrich Christian Bürklein who has also built Munich’s main station.

At the Max-Josephs-Platz which is situated at the eastern ending of the Maximilianstraße and thus states the prelude of the street of houses stands one of the proudest buildings of Munich – the Bavarian State Opera. Not only proud because of its monumental construction method but also to its historic background. In this historical building Europe-wide respected debut performances have been enacted since the 17th century. Starting in 1875 the Munich Opera Festival which is one of the most important music festivals of the world also took place here.

Nowadays almost 70 shops are located in the Maximilianstrasse. Among them are the most famous and exclusive luxury brands, an extraordinary high number of jewelers and great restaurants. First and foremost to mention is the brenner Operngrill which is situated in the former stables of the Residenz. It has two open grills in the middle of its main room and offers a real gourmet experience from  pasta to steak.


It is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary streets in Munich. Located in the middle of the old town she starts from the Burgstrasse in direction south east to the Hockbrücken-strasse. A long ago tanners fabricated their leather equipment and belts there, nowadays completely different things are being generated: Beauty, delicious things, exhilarating things, melodic things, friendships, hangover feelings and some unforgettable moments.

The majority of the shops in the street and its neighborhood are tight and small, what gives them a very special charm. But there are also some very spacious places like of course our suites at the CORTIINA Hotel, the furniture shop called Böhmler and the world famous Hofbräuhaus, in which a total of 3.000 persons can find space, whereof a quantity of 1.000 can sit in the so called “Schwemme”, which is the centerpiece of the house to drink beer.

All those who are not that much into roast pork and beer and more into French cuisine and some good wine, only need to walk back 3 minutes from the Hofbräuhaus in direction Lederer-strasse and then go round the corner. There you’ll find the restaurant with which Rudi Kull and Albert Weinzierl started their company in 1996. It is the always crowded, popular and loved Buffet Kull. It’s clear where you should take the last drink of the day: Of course at the CORTIINA Bar & Restaurant in the Ledererstrasse!

GRAPES Weinbar

Tasty drinks, surprises in a glass and rare bottles 
- our GRAPES wine bar makes any wine lover feel like 
they woke up in paradise!  In our wine bar in 
central Munich we offer absolute rarities and surprise 
even the most experienced of connoisseurs with a 
varying range of wines from all over the world.

But not only vinophile professionals enjoy our 
elegant-casual wine bar; we want to introduce wine beginners 
and occasional drinkers to the joy of a good sip and a fine bottle. 
Not least thanks to our likeable sommeliers and 
events like the Winemakers Night or the early-night 
Bubble-Up Aperitivo, GRAPES is a vibrant location 
for long nights and hours of pure indulgence.

We also take care of sustenance: our team of 
cooks serves fine dishes and treats complementing 
the wines and made from regional ingredients.