Our hotel is right in the center of town. Between the opera, Marienplatz and the Viktualienmarkt – Munich’s renowned open-air market. There’s plenty of parking nearby, with another ten spaces right on the premises. Restaurants, shopping and museums are within easy walking distance.

Bar Centrale

Italy starts in Munich. Strictly speaking it starts here at the CORTIINA Hotel. To expand deeper into the Mediterranean country you only have to cross the street and step through the brown door just below the „Sale e Tabacchi“– sign. If you then hear someone shouting out loud “la porta!“ at you and you get … Continued

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Our „Maxi“ – like the street is called affectionately already caused quite a stir when it was built in 1853. The reason for this is that its architectural style met with lots of criticism. However it is this exact mixture of stylistic element like the Neo-Gothic and Renaissance what makes this street unique. Responsible for … Continued

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The Lederestrasse

It is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary streets in Munich. Located in the middle of the old town she starts from the Burgstrasse in direction south east to the Hockbrückenstrasse. A long ago tanners fabricated their leather equipment and belts there, nowadays completely different things are being generated: Beauty, delicious things, exhilarating things, … Continued

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Grapes Weinbar

Tasty drinks, surprises in a glass and rare bottles – our GRAPES wine bar makes any wine lover feel like they woke up in paradise!

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The most beautiful market in Munich is a short hop from the CORTIINA Hotel and exists since 1807. At that time it was called „Kräutlmarkt“ (“Kräutl” means herbs) and was a lot smaller. As the market grew with the years and increased in volume people started to call it Viktualienmarkt („Viktualien“ is a Latin word … Continued

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