20. December 2017


Our „Maxi“ – like the street is called affectionately already caused quite a stir when it was built in 1853. The reason for this is that its architectural style met with lots of criticism. However it is this exact mixture of stylistic element like the Neo-Gothic and Renaissance what makes this street unique.

Responsible for its constitution of houses is the architect Georg Friedrich Christian Bürklein who has also built Munich’s main station.

At the Max-Josephs-Platz which is situated at the eastern ending of the Maximilianstraße and thus states the prelude of the street of houses stands one of the proudest buildings of Munich – the Bavarian State Opera. Not only proud because of its monumental construction method but also to its historic background. In this historical building Europe-wide respected debut performances have been enacted since the 17th century. Starting in 1875 the Munich Opera Festival which is one of the most important music festivals of the world also takes place here.

Nowadays almost 70 shops are located in the Maximilianstrasse. Among them are the most famous and exclusive luxury brands, an extraordinary high number of jewelers and great restaurants. First and foremost to mention is the brenner Operngrill which is situated in the former stables of the Residenz. It has two open grills in the middle of its main room and offers a real gourmet experience from pasta to steak.